Auto +

Auto +
Amount: 98000.00 INR
GST: 17640.00 INR

Description:Powerful germ deactivating UV dose with high-intensity 180W lamps making it extraordinary equipment for high-risk areas. Extraordinary sterilization capabilities: Auto+ comes with 6 UVC sterilization lamps giving it more power to combat microorganisms. Disinfects in 360 degrees for uniform UVC light in every direction. Build to Fight: Auto+ has a sturdy metallic design making it durable and practical even in tough environments. Its impressive autonomous capabilities lie in its four differential drive motor. Equipped with motion sensors ascertaining its safety, by switching the UVC system off when someone is in its vicinity. A self-driving robot that comes with proximity sensors to obstacle detection and maneuver. Datalogging capacities with cloud connectivity for better cycle management and reporting. One click remote help and support.


Weight: 17 Weight Unit: Kgs Dimension Height:482 Dimension Width: 208 Dimension Height:482 Dimension Unit: mm

Technical specification

60ah hours of battery life for robot motion and action.,180W UVC lamps.,self-driving robot.,Medical grade metallic structure making it durable.