Auto robot

Auto robot
Amount: 85000.00 INR
GST: 15300.00 INR

Description:Extraordinary sterilization capabilities: Auto is an autonomous robot with 3 high-intensity UVC lamps. A self-driving robot with collision sensors for obstacle tracking while it travels the defined path making it a labor independent. Comes with PIR motion sensors on all sides to detect any human presence and triggering UVC light to turn off immediately. Disinfects in 360 degrees, for greater UVC dosage spread in all directions. Comes with the ULABS management app. It has a metal exoskeleton making it rugged and suitable for tough environments. Datalogging capabilities for better cycle management and reporting. Easy to set up and run. Cloud connectivity for remote monitoring One click remote help and support.


Weight: 14 Weight Unit: Kgs Dimension Height:482 Dimension Width: 208 Dimension Height:482 Dimension Unit: mm

Technical specification

90ah battery life,90W UVC lamps,self-driving robot,Medical grade metallic structure