Eco Slim

Eco Slim
Amount: 7999.00 INR
GST: 1439.82 INR

Description:Sterilize your surroundings using PROFESSOR S BOT and create a protected space for your loved ones by automating your current cleaning process with a reliable disinfection system that kills bacteria and viruses by breaking down their DNA structure even those that are airborne. It is a portable UV sterilization robot which is lightweight and easy to move, making it perfect for homes and smaller spaces. Faster sterilization with no harmful chemicals. Comes with motion sensors to detect any human presence and shut down immediately. Comes with a protective cage, making sure your lamp is protected at all times. One click remote help and support.


Weight: 4.609 Weight Unit: Kgs Dimension Height:289 Dimension Width: 255.477 Dimension Height:289 Dimension Unit: mm

Technical specification

30ah battery life,30W UVC lamp,motion sensors,Comes with the ULABS management app.