Eco +

Eco +
Amount: 25999.00 INR
GST: 4679.82 INR

Description:The utmost importance of sanitization and disinfection in this post covid19 era makes UVC sterilization a priority. Opt for deeper decontamination with ECO+, a UV light yielding robot with 6 times UVC capabilities. 360 degrees effective disinfection with certified powerful UVC lamps. Inbuilt safety feature with PIR motion sensors on all sides which identifies any human presence and triggers UVC light to turn off immediately.


Weight: 9.34 Weight Unit: Kgs Dimension Height:410.5 Dimension Width: 395.03 Dimension Height:410.5 Dimension Unit: mm

Technical specification

60ah battery life,Comprises of 3 UVC lamps for thorough disinfection in all directions,180W UVC lamp,motion sensors,Comes with the ULABS management app,One click remote help and support