Eco robot

Eco robot
Amount: 17999.00 INR
GST: 3239.82 INR

Description:ECO is a user-friendly robot that is ready to be part of your homes, play areas, offices, and other shared spaces to shield your loved ones from infections. In this post-pandemic era, it is necessary to revamp our current cleaning systems with a disinfection protocol, to curb the spread of infections. Eco, zaps the viruses in your surrounding, giving you much-needed protection against infections. It works with UVC sterilization technology which attacks viruses and bacteria by breaking down their DNA/RNA structure, making them ineffective and ultimately destroying them.


Weight: 8.1 Weight Unit: Kgs Dimension Height:349 Dimension Width: 340.037 Dimension Height:349 Dimension Unit: mm

Technical specification

Comprises of 3 UVC lamps,Rigid wheel for easy, fluid motions,Comes with 3 preset modes for effortless functionality,30ah battery life,90W UVC lamps,One click remote help and support