Eco robot

INR 17999.00

ECO is a user-friendly robot that is ready to be part of your homes, play areas, offices, and other shared spaces to shield your loved ones from infections. In this post-pandemic era, it is necessary to revamp our current cleaning systems with a disinfection protocol, to curb the spread of infections. Eco, zaps the viruses in your surrounding, giving you much-needed protection against infections. It works with UVC sterilization technology which attacks viruses and bacteria by breaking down their DNA/RNA structure, making them ineffective and ultimately destroying them.

Eco +

INR 25999.00

The utmost importance of sanitization and disinfection in this post covid19 era makes UVC sterilization a priority. Opt for deeper decontamination with ECO+, a UV light yielding robot with 6 times UVC capabilities. 360 degrees effective disinfection with certified powerful UVC lamps. Inbuilt safety feature with PIR motion sensors on all sides which identifies any human presence and triggers UVC light to turn off immediately.

Eco Slim

INR 7999.00

Sterilize your surroundings using PROFESSOR S BOT and create a protected space for your loved ones by automating your current cleaning process with a reliable disinfection system that kills bacteria and viruses by breaking down their DNA structure even those that are airborne. It is a portable UV sterilization robot which is lightweight and easy to move, making it perfect for homes and smaller spaces. Faster sterilization with no harmful chemicals. Comes with motion sensors to detect any human presence and shut down immediately. Comes with a protective cage, making sure your lamp is protected at all times. One click remote help and support.

Auto robot

INR 85000.00

Extraordinary sterilization capabilities: Auto is an autonomous robot with 3 high-intensity UVC lamps. A self-driving robot with collision sensors for obstacle tracking while it travels the defined path making it a labor independent. Comes with PIR motion sensors on all sides to detect any human presence and triggering UVC light to turn off immediately. Disinfects in 360 degrees, for greater UVC dosage spread in all directions. Comes with the ULABS management app. It has a metal exoskeleton making it rugged and suitable for tough environments. Datalogging capabilities for better cycle management and reporting. Easy to set up and run. Cloud connectivity for remote monitoring One click remote help and support.

Auto +

INR 98000.00

Powerful germ deactivating UV dose with high-intensity 180W lamps making it extraordinary equipment for high-risk areas. Extraordinary sterilization capabilities: Auto+ comes with 6 UVC sterilization lamps giving it more power to combat microorganisms. Disinfects in 360 degrees for uniform UVC light in every direction. Build to Fight: Auto+ has a sturdy metallic design making it durable and practical even in tough environments. Its impressive autonomous capabilities lie in its four differential drive motor. Equipped with motion sensors ascertaining its safety, by switching the UVC system off when someone is in its vicinity. A self-driving robot that comes with proximity sensors to obstacle detection and maneuver. Datalogging capacities with cloud connectivity for better cycle management and reporting. One click remote help and support.